Our Equipment
Our shop contains the necessary equipment to provide you with superb quality, performance and precision for your architectural metal needs.

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RAS - CNC Metal Folding Brake
This computerized mechanical leaf brake is capable of forming flashings and components to an accuracy of .005

RAS - CNC TurboBend Folding Brake
Capable of forming complex flashings and components to an accuracy of .005

Accurpress Advantage Hydraulic Press Break
The Advantage press brake delivers +/- 0.0004" repeat accuracies via a Proportional Valve Hydraulic System. A Dual Ram Feedback system, with encoders mounted at each end of the Accurpress, measures the bending cycle and compensates the ram accordingly when unequal forces are applied across the length.

Accurshear - 12' x 1/4" NC Shear
Our shear is set up for high-precision cutting. We stock all gauges of galvanized product up to 1/8" this plus a wide selection of architectural colors, and can order whatever metal your project requires.