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Over the past 20 years, we have seen an increased interest in horizontally applied metal siding panels.  This interest has created an ongoing need for quality mitered corners fabricated from those same panels.

At Pre-Metco, we have developed a method by which we miter an existing siding panel, fold it to the desired angle and structurally bond the cut with a two-part adhesive.  Then we back it up with a perforated angle to give it the structural quality that is needed.  This creates a very strong, structurally sound corner, with an exact match to both paint color and profile.

Also, since many panel profiles do not nest well enough for an attractive lap condition, we can supply shop fabricated back-up plates.  By adjusting the rib dimensions, we can more closely match the back of the panel profile.  This gives the system a  continuous appearance, without an unsightly mismatched lap.

Other manufacturers make mitered corners.  They fabricate the panel in aluminum, miter the ends and weld the two pieces together.  This does create a strong structurally sound corner.  Unfortunately, it also creates three conditions that will detract from the longevity of the system;

  1. Using an aluminum corner with a steel panel is not recommended in the building industry. Dissimilar metals corrode.

  2. A post paint condition is required to match the corner color to the panel.  This type of paint application will weather differently than in a factory applied finish.

  3. An aluminum corner is always manufactured in a gauge heavier than that of the siding panel.  This makes it impossible to effect a smooth lap between corner and panel in many profiles.

Since our inception in 1990, we have gone to great lengths to insure that all product leaving our doors is of the highest quality, using the best material and manufactured to meet our own rigid specification standards.  We believe Pre-Metco is now producing the best panel corners in the industry.


J.W. Archer